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Introduction of new Regulations on ETP

7 August 2017

Dear customers!
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that on August 4, 2017, the new edition of the Regulations on the ETP of CJSC TEK-Torg in the Section “Procurement Procedures of PJSC" OK "Rosneft" (5th edition), approved by the Board of Directors of CJSC “TEK- Torg "on August 1, 2017 (Minutes No.14), with the exception of clauses and the provisions of the second paragraph of clauses 5.2.6. comes into effect. If the payment does not specify the number of the subaccount to which funds shall be credited, then the funds will be credited to sub-account No. 1 of account.
You can find the new version of the Regulations on the ETP of CJSC "TEK-Torg" in the section "Procurement Procedures of PJSC" OK "Rosneft» in the" Documents "section of the link Regulations on the electronic trading platform of CJSC" TEK-Torg "in the section" Procurement Procedure of PJSC "OK" Rosneft "(5th edition) (effective from 04.08.2017).