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Working schedule of ETP during New Year holidays.

18 December 2018

Dear Organizers and Participants!

We would like to inform you about the schedule of the ETP TEK-Torg in the period from 31.12.2018 for 09.01.2019 New Year official holidays.
During the holidays, the electronic trading platform will work around the clock seven days a week automatically.
Please note that during the period from 30.12.2018 to 08.01.2019 inclusive, the balance of the personal account on the electronic trading platform will not be replenished. We ask you to transfer funds to replenish the balance in advance. 29.12.2018 enroll in automatic mode will be executed according to the Bank statement from 28.12.2018.
Thus, if the deadline for applications is the morning of 09.01.2018, then to be able to apply for participation in the procedure, the transfer of funds must be made no later than 28.12.2018, so that the funds have time to arrive at the account of the Operator and were automatically credited to the personal account of the Participant.

Customer support will work 31.12.2018 till 18:00 MSK, then beginning at 9:00 GMT 03.01.2019 in a regular 24/7.