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In order to work on electronic trading platform of TEK-Torg CJSC Rosneft Section (the ETP) you will need to obtain the digital signature certificate containing the mark of possibility to apply this certificate at ETP — OID 1.2.643.3.241.

Execution of the certificates with this mark is possible in the authorized Certification centre only.

If you already have the digital signature, you may check it for the required mark and, respectively, for the possibility to use it at the ETP.

Verify the DS

List of authorized Certification centres

Partner of ETP «TEK-TORG» partner in remote release of certificates «Crypto PRO»

Non-qualified DS certificates for the RF non-residents not registered in accordance with the laws of the RF

You may get any additional information of obtaining of the digital signature (DS) for working on TEK-Torg ETP in Rosneft Section in the Certification Centres.