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Obtaining a Non-certified Digital Signature* will allow to work on ETP JSC “Tek-Torg”.

Payer information, cardmember and the registration data of the certificate recipient in step 1 and 2 must match!
Before you start check the computer requirements! Use the Internet Explorer browser in all Steps!

*Obtaining a user Non-certified Digital Signature certificate for 1 Non-resident and "CryptoPro CSP" v. 4 License for 1 workstation.

Step 1

Registration to Personal area of Certification

Step 2

Paying for the service of obtaining the
Digital Signature (NDS)

Step 3

Creating the certificate

Step 4

the necessary
to JSC “Tek-Torg”

  • Requirements for the PC (p.1.1)
  • Follow the link https://cpca20.cryptopro.ru/ uitektorg/1/RegRequest.aspx
  • To access to CA Personal area, the PC must be prepared or it will be impossible to follow the next steps
  • Fill in the form in English. The same person as in the step 2!
  • Save password! It will be visible when “Click here to see password” field is pressed.
  • Press «Registration» button after
  • After Step 2 and confirmation of payment, Wait for confirmation of registration by e-mail. (1-2 days).
  • Follow the link https://www.cryptopro.ru /order/nonresident/?online=true and choose «TEK-TORG» in «Products»
  • Pick quantity 1 near 10 500 ₽ price
  • Press «Add to cart» and press «Proceed to checkout»
  • Fill out to “Contact information” form in English and press «Continue».
  • Check all the information and press «Get payment link to my email» whenever you will be ready to pay
  • You will receive a letter to the indicated e-mail with a link for payment, which works only for 20 minutes. Follow the link to pay for the order by a bank card. If you don’t pay for an order at specified time, repeat items described above again.
  • Follow the link and authorize https://cpca20.cryptopro.ru/ uitektorg/1/Login.aspx
  • Form an order for production of the certificate – press “Create” button in “Certificates” section
  • Press «Submit» button for making a certificate request.
  • Choose the location for storage of your certificate private key. It is possible to save сertificate Private key to PC memory, USB flash drive or special CryptoToken key. It is recommended to insert USB flash drive and choose “Disk”, and press “OK”
  • To generate the certificate, you must actively move a mouse and press the keyboard buttons in random order.
  • Enter your password. Save your password!*
  • The certificate is sent for consideration to the Tek-Torg Operator and reflected in the Certificates list.
  • Release confirmation the certificate by the Operator, to start her use on ETP, is possible only after receiving JSC "TEK-Torg" of originals of the documents described in a step 4.
  • Follow the link and authorize https://cpca20.cryptopro.ru/ uitektorg/1/Login.aspx
  • There will be a link to your certificate in the Personal Area. Press “Request” and “Print”. Press “Certificates” and “Print”.
  • Certificate and Request must be printed, signed, sealed by the organization before sending.
  • Also prepare the notarized copy of identity papers, officially authorized on the territory of certificate recipient’s country (organization representative) – passport, id card, etc.
  • Send the scans of all documents to e-mail help@tektorg.ru.
  • Send all original documents by mail to JSC “Tek-Torg” address: 115191, Moscow, Gamsonovsky pereulok, house 5, building 2

Video instructions


In case of loss of generated NDS Private key – it will be impossible to restore it. It will be necessary to order and pay for NDS production again.
Make a copy of Private key as per p.2.1.7 Guide, after NDS production, when saving it in the register!