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Procurement notification РН867961

General information

Акционерное общество "САМОТЛОРНЕФТЕГАЗ" in the framework of procurement activities is open to cooperation and interested in expanding the range of participants in procurement procedures and expanding possible variants to meet the needs for the name of procurement type: inventory / works / services.

Therefore, we ask you to prepare and send the proposal for the "Поставка МТР (Репелленты)" no later than 30.07.2018 14:20 GMT +3; .

Contact person: Дудник Анна Сергеевна, asdudnik@smn.rosneft.ru, тел: 8-3466-624169.

The information provided by you will allow to formulate the essential conditions of the planned procurements, ensure productive cooperation with market participants for the name of procurement type: inventory / works / services.

The organizations that sent the proposals within the framework of the request will be included in the lists for the targeted distribution of information of the announcement of the relevant procurement procedures.

To familiarize with a detailed video about participation in the Market request procedure on the ETP, you can visit link to the YouTube channel of the TEK-Torg ETP: https://youtu.be/Ld6SqEMPUu8.

Present request is for information only and is not an official notification related to specific procurement procedures. This request is not a public offer or an invitation to make offers, it cannot be qualified as an invitation to participate in bidding, as well as in other procurement procedures, and does not impose obligations on the conclusion of a contract on Акционерное общество "САМОТЛОРНЕФТЕГАЗ".

Procurement name:

Поставка МТР (Репелленты)

Procurement number:


Procedure number at zakupki.rosneft.com:

Procurement type:

Запрос (Т)КП

Alternative offers:

Not allowed

Publication date:

30.07.2018 14:20 GMT+3

Final date for application acceptance:

09.08.2019 21:59 GMT+3

Results date and time:

не указана

Initiator information

Initiator name:

Акционерное общество "САМОТЛОРНЕФТЕГАЗ"

Legal address:

Российская Федерация (РФ, Россия), 628606, Тюменская область, Нижневартовск, Ленина, 4

Mailing address:

Российская Федерация (РФ, Россия), 628606, Тюменская область, Нижневартовск, Ленина, 4





Contact name:

Дудник Анна Сергеевна

Offers review place:


Contract subject:


Starting price:

Price is not announced


Российский рубль

Quantity of goods/services:


Terms of payment and delivery:

Оплата за поставленный Товар в течение 60 календарных дней, но не ранее 45 календарных дней со дня предъявления Покупателю товарной накладной и оригинала счета–фактуры; Предусмотрены альтернативные условия оплаты по факту поставки в течение 15 календарных дней.


21 Производство лекарственных средств и материалов, применяемых в медицинских целях

OKDP/OKPD2 code: Препараты для уничтожения эктопаразитов (включая чесоточного клеща), инсектициды и репелленты

Current status:


  1. Акционерное общество "САМОТЛОРНЕФТЕГАЗ"