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1. How to find a tender?

To search for and filter the list of declared procedures ETP provides for quick keyword search (be it name or filing number of the procedure). To use quick search you shall enter a part of the procedure name and click “Search” button at the top of form “All the procedures”.

To display the archived procedures select “Archives” in menu “Selling”.

2. How to submit the documents for qualification?

Among the services of the ETP there is an electronic document feeder which helps to undergo qualification as a potential offerer.

To file a request for qualification it is necessary to click “Qualification (implementation)” button in “Settings” menu.

There will open a form of filing a request for qualification not providing for a possibility of editing the company’s basics.

On the page “Offerer’s qualification” there are fields to attach the required documents.

3. How to participate in a tender?

To participate in a tender you shall file an offer. The company shall preliminary undergo qualification.

If a participant tries to file an offer not being qualified the system will display the appropriate message.

Participants shall be entitled to tender an offer at any time up to the end date of acceptance of offers.

Participants shall file their offers by uploading the files specifying the offers.

Offers shall be mandatorily signed using the EP. Participants having no EP cannot file offers.

If necessary more than one offer can be filed. To add an offer you shall click “Add an offer” button.

To file an offer you shall click “Sign” button.